M2 Mall Go-kart

Affordable electric karting for businesses on the rise.

M2 Mall Go-kart

The M2 is engineered to lower running costs, making it perfect for smaller tracks and emerging businesses.

Reliable Performance

Despite its affordability, the M2 does not compromise on performance, thanks to Formula-Zero’s trusted technology.



Top Speed

45 km/h

Safe yet engaging speeds for mall environments.


1 hr

Use swappable batteries for day-long operations.


5 kW

Optimized power output for reliable operations.

Charge Time

1 hr

Quick charging for seamless operation.

The M2 Mall Electric Go-kart is your ticket to electrifying karting:

  • Economical: Designed to save you money right from day one.
  • Dependable: Built to be durable and reliable for continuous use.
  • Easy to Maintain: Low-maintenance requirements to keep you on track.
  • Formula-Zero Tech: Benefit from Formula-Zero's industry-leading technology even on a budget.
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